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CD7491172Cabbage Patch Kids the New Kid (Movie CD)$0.49

CD748968Cabbage Patch Kids the Screen Test (Movie CD)$0.49

CD748252Calculus II (Pro One)$1.99

CD706945Calendar Creator Deluxe version 8$2.99

CD632033Calendar Creator Ver. 7$2.99

CD692347Candy Land$4.75

CD766458Candy Land Adventure$2.99

CD693217Canon Photo Org Photo Albums v2 (box)$3.99

CD769328Car Buying Made E-Z (box)$1.99

CD802817Carmen SanDiego Jr. Detective (fl)$5.25

CD6092166Carmen SanDiego Math Detective$5.75

CD73786Carmen SanDiego Math Detective (box)$6.75

CD79582Carmen SanDiego Word Detective$5.25

CD6093162Carmen SanDiego Word Detective$2.99

CD7874119Carmen SanDiego Word Detective (box)$5.75

CD59861Carnivores (box)$6.25

CD752320Casino Deluxe 2$1.99

CD778138Casino Games 3000 Pro$1.99

CD829056Casino Jackpot (box)$4.75

CD7442257Casino Master (fl)$1.99

CD745392Casino Slots (fl)$1.99

CM000740Cat/Dog Mouse$1.99

CD636436Catz (box)$2.99

CD44324Catz 3 (fl)$5.50

CD76841CD Cleaning Kit$2.25

CD775624CD Labeler Kit (box)$8.75

CD7110225Challenge Pack 7 Games$0.99

CD690089Check It FastMove w/cable (box)$1.99

CD6855129Check It NetOptimizer (box)$0.99

CD686072Check It Utilities (box)$1.99

CD697634Checkers (Pro Series)$1.99

CD765021Chess Compendium 3D mini-cd$3.00

CD81632Chess Tournament (box)$4.75

CD413029Christian Desktop$2.99

CD757986Chutes and Ladders$4.75

CD781671Chutes and Ladders (no back cover)$1.99

CD728332Click Art 65000 (box)$5.75

CD6968106Click Art Fine Art (box)$2.99

CD737569Click Art Web Site Workshop (box)$3.99

CD827976ClickArt Presentation Graphics (box)$4.75

CD700215Clue Finders' 5th Grade Adventures$6.75

CD577310Clue Finders' 6th Grd Adventures$6.75

CD7725100Clue Finders Mystery of the Monkey Kingdom (7-9+)$4.75

CD81176Clue Finders Reading Adventures (9-12)$5.25

CD769445Collecting Unpaid Bills Made E-Z (box)$1.99

CD6140140College Algebra (box)$1.99

CD769529College Funding Bills Made E-Z (box)$1.99

CD79763Collins Portuguese-English Talking Dictionary$5.75

CD629117Color Playhouse$0.99


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