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CD5762399Label Maker (Pro Venture) (box)$1.99

CD804287Land Before Time Big Water Adventure (small box)$5.75

CD731629Land Before Time Dinosaur Arcade (box)$3.99

CD826946Land Before Time Preschool Adventure & Life's Little Lessons w/Berenstain Bears$4.75

CD710810Land Designer 3D v5.0$2.99

CD781397Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny (fl)$1.99

CD718635Laura's Happy Adventures$1.99

CD65001111Lawnmower Man$0.49

CD419613Le Grand Louvre$1.99

CD825860Le Grande Armee At Austerlitz$4.75

CD645852Learn to Speak English v.8 3cd's$6.75

CD645923Learn to Speak Spanish v.8 3cd's$11.75

CD801016Learning Microsoft Office XP (box)$3.75

CD766167Lego Friends (box)$2.99

CD34624Lego Island (box)$4.75

CD8218183Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge$5.25

CD8219153Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge w/Keychain (box)$5.75

CD7624366Lego Masterpiece Alpha Team$2.99

CD7061298Lego Masterpiece Creator$4.75

CD762562Lego Masterpiece Knights Kingdom$2.99

CD706387Lego Masterpiece Lego Island$2.99

CD814694Lego Masterpiece Rock Raiders$5.25

CD810845Let's Explore Mars$3.50

CD810950Let's Explore Space Missions$3.50

CD804882Let's Explore The Farm$4.75

CD811027Let's Explore The Galaxy$3.50

CD810717Let's Explore The Solar System$3.50

CD811644Let's Explore The Sun & Moon$3.50

CD779817Letters: Capital & Small vol.1 (3-5) Jim Henson's Muppets (box)$5.25

CD613212Links LS w/Arnold Palmer (box)$1.99

CD653862Links: Challenge of Golf$0.99

CD781762Linux 8.0 (fl)$8.75

CD66162Linux for Advanced Users$3.75

CD772181Little Bear Preschool Thinking Adv. 3-5$4.75

CD827546Little Golden Book: The Velveteen Rabbit (small box)$3.75

CD82761Little Golden Book: Tootle (small box)$3.75

CD6586150Living Ball$0.49

CD814034Logic Quest 3D Adventure$3.75

CD760221Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Dlx.$5.25

CAM000311Looney Toons Camera Outfit w/ Album & Film$3.75

CD805424Lost World Iron-On Gear (box)$3.75

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